20.01.2017. Commentary for Cankao Xiaoxi

28.09.2016. The interview in the Romanian Science Magazine Pro Est

11.07.2016. Der Spiegel

18.05.2016. The article of S. Karaganov “New Ideological Struggle?” was recently published in Dutch

25.04.2016. XXIV Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

26.11.2015. The Cultural Revolution

04.06.2015. Analytical report "Toward the Great Ocean – 3: Creating Central Eurasia"

24.12.2014. Sergei Karaganov is appointed to "High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on European Security as a Common Project"

25.02.2014. The analytical report "Toward the Great Ocean - 2, or Russia's Breakthrough to Asia"

25.01.2013. The analitical report "Russia's economy: after transformation, before modernization"

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