24.12.2014. Sergei Karaganov is appointed to "High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on European Security as a Common Project"

25.02.2014. The analytical report "Toward the Great Ocean - 2, or Russia's Breakthrough to Asia"

25.01.2013. The analitical report "Russia's economy: after transformation, before modernization"

12.07.2012. Analytical report "Toward the Great Ocean or the New Globalization of Russia"

05.07.2012. Toward the Great Ocean

24.11.2011. The analytical report “Russia Should Not Miss its Chance” is now available on our web-site

11.03.2011. The analytical report "The U.S.—Russia Relations after the «Reset»: Building a New Agenda. A View from Russia"

01.02.2011. Speech at a meeting of the Council on Civil Society and Human Rights

13.09.2010. The analytical report “Towards a Union of Europe” is now available on our web-site

30.04.2010. PRAGUE TWENTY, Russia in Europe: Partners or Challengers? - Conforence Proceedings

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