22.12.2009. The report «The Development of the Middle East — Vision-2020» is now available on our web-site

15.12.2009. The report «Towards a new Euro-Atlantic Security Architecture» is now available on our web-site

14.08.2009. The book «Russia and Europe: Confrontation or Alliance» edited by S.Karaganov and I.Yurgens is coming soon

06.07.2009. The report «Reconfiguration, Not Just a Reset» is published

23.12.2008. Situation analysis «How Russia can benefit from the world economic crisis» was held under the direction of S.Karaganov

20.02.2008. The book «Russia and the World: New Era. 12 years that can change everything» (in Russian) edited by S.Karaganov is published

25.06.2007. English PDF-version of «The world around Russia: 2017» is now avaliable

04.06.2007. Notes for the talk “On the bilateral relations in the international political landscape” at the “The Future of Russia-EU Relations: What Opportunities for the European and Italian Economies?” conference.

27.09.2005. Sergey Karaganov ranks among the world’s top 100 public intellectuals.

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