26.11.2020. An Offensive in a War of Ideas. Staying on the Defensive Is Inopportune in the Modern World
I hesitated for a long time whether I should publish this article.  It turned out to be quite harsh. But the unfolding multilevel global crisis―economic, and for many civilizational, leading to regime and elite change―convinces me that we must speak bluntly. We live in a military situation, so far without millions of direct victims, so “à la guerre comme à la guerre.” 
08.06.2020. The Future of the Big Triangle
I am usually bold enough to make forecasts, but this time I am not confident about the future. Added to the myriads of controversial problems and trends, which have already been predicted, is the “black swan”―the coronavirus epidemic.
Russia in the Post-Coronavirus World: New Ideas for Foreign Policy
by Sergei Karaganov, Dmitry Suslov   The COVID-19 pandemic is exerting complex impact on global development. The aggravation of negative processes (the growing rivalry of great powers and the struggle for leadership) is accompanied by the emergence...

26.12.2019. Where to Go and with Whom to Go: Russia’s Foreign Policy on the Threshold of a New Decade
  Russia is entering a new decade with significant (and I am even tempted to say brilliant) foreign and defense policy achievements, and with a substantial margin of strength. But the challenges and problems lying ahead are fraught with deceleration or even rollback. Despite the difficulties, the hostility of part of the world, and the fatigue from a decade of...

16.05.2019. A Predictable Future?
Most foreign and Russian international relations experts, regardless of their political leaning, seem to agree that the world has become unpredictable, uncertainty is increasing, this process cannot be influenced, and it would be better to step aside and do nothing.  This conclusion is particularly dangerous for us Russians. Unfortunately, we are quite good at falling into a trance after making major breakthroughs...

23.04.2019. 70th Anniversary, Post Factum
In the last few weeks I have occasionally become engrossed in reading a torrent of articles and speeches marking the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty. Their tonality and content were for the most part predictably positive in the West and mainly negative in Russia. I was surprised to find out that almost all publications and statements, including those made in Russia, were informationally in tune with...

10.12.2018. On the Struggle for Peace
The article was originally published in "International Affairs" on April, 2019.

19.11.2018. World in a Year of the Pig
The situation in the sphere of strategic stability – the term traditionally applied to measure the threat of a nuclear war – has been degrading fast in recent years. I insist that the present-day level of threat is comparable with the times immediately after the Caribbean Crisis, which nearly brought the world to a global disaster. The situation had been probably even worse before the crisis, in the 1950s, than it...

10.09.2018. “We Have Used Up the European Treasure Trove”
— Sergei Alexandrovich, it has become customary to make statements about the “pivot to the East” at the Vladivostok forum. Why can’t we just do it? — It is a good occasion, indeed. Over the past three years it has turned from mainly a domestic event into a huge, multi-factor and strategic forum that transcends regional boundaries. The discussions cover not only the economy but also politics. The current round of the “pivot”...

22.08.2018. A new world order: A view from Russia
The article ' A new world order: A view from Russia ' was published in Peter Schulze's book 'Multipolarity: the promise of disharmony' , on August 2018

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