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«Reconfiguration, Not Just a Reset» Report for the meeting of the Russian-U.S. section of the Valdai International Discussion Club


Sergey Karaganov — author and editor of 19 books and brochures, published over 300 articles  on economics of foreign policy, arms control, national security strategy, Russian foreign and defense policies. Articles and books were published in more than 30 countries.

Latest books: 
1. «Russia:  State of Reforms», Gutersloh, 1993; 
2. «Security of the Future Europe» (Editor), Moscow, 1993 (in Russian); 
3. «Harmonization  the Evolution of U.S. and Russian Defense Policies» (co-edited with F.Ikle), CSIS, Washington, 1993 (also published in Russian); 
4. «Where Russia  Goes? Foreign and Defense Policy in the New Era», Frankfurt am Main, 1994; 
5. «Damage Limitation or Crisis? Russia and the World», (co-editor with Robert D.Blackwill), Washington, London, 1994; 
6. «Wither Western Aid to Russia» (editor and director of the study), Gutersloh, 1994, (also published in Russian); 
7. «Russia's Economic Role in Europe». Report of the Commission for the Greater Europe, Volume II (co-authored with O.Lambsdorf), Moscow, 1995, (also published in Russian); 
8. «Geopolitics Change in Europe, Policies of the West and Russia's Alternatives» (editor and head of the study), Moscow, 1995; 
9. «Towards a New Democratic Commonwealth (co-authored with Graham Allison and Karl Kaiser) – Cambridge: CSIA, Harvard Univ. 1996; 
10. «Russian-American Relations on the threshold of two Centuries», (co-author), Moscow, 2000; 
11. «Strategy for Russia: Agenda for the President-2000» (editor), Moscow, Vagrius, 2000, (in Russian); 
12. «Strategy for Russia: Ten Years of CFDP» (editor), Moscow, Vagrius, 2002, (in Russian);
13. «The world around Russia: 2017. An Outlook for the Midterm Future"( editor) , Moscow, 2007;
14. «Asiatic poligon. Desputed matter and potential glueware» ( editor), Moscow, 2007;
15. «Russia and the World. New epoch. 12 years, which can change all» (editor),  Moscow, 2008.

The book «Russia and Europe: Confrontation or Alliance» edited by S.Karaganov and I.Yurgens is coming soon


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