19.12.2018. Interview

19.11.2018. World in a Year of the Pig
The situation in the sphere of strategic stability – the term traditionally applied to measure the threat of a nuclear war – has been degrading fast in recent years. I insist that the present-day level of threat is comparable with the times immediately after the Caribbean Crisis, which nearly brought the world to a global disaster. The situation had been probably even worse before the crisis, in the 1950s, than it...

10.09.2018. “We Have Used Up the European Treasure Trove”
— Sergei Alexandrovich, it has become customary to make statements about the “pivot to the East” at the Vladivostok forum. Why can’t we just do it? — It is a good occasion, indeed. Over the past three years it has turned from mainly a domestic event into a huge, multi-factor and strategic forum that transcends regional boundaries. The discussions cover not only the economy but also politics. The current round of the “pivot”...

22.08.2018. A new world order: A view from Russia
The article ' A new world order: A view from Russia ' was published in Peter Schulze's book 'Multipolarity: the promise of disharmony' , on August 2018

18.07.2018. How to Win a Cold War
The deteriorating international situation and ever deepening disagreements between major powers have triggered an intensive discussion on the nature of antagonisms in the world, and more specifically, on whether this is a new Cold War or not. I would say it is. It certainly differs from its last century’s analogue in that it is one-sided and has been...

10.07.2018. The new Cold War and the emerging Greater Eurasia
The article "The new Cold War and the emerging Greater Eurasia" was published in Journal of Eurasian Studies  on July, 2018.

08.06.2018. Ideology of Eastward Turn
The first phase of Russia’s turn towards rising Asia is gaining momentum – the Far East’s rate of development is twice the national average (this is not enough, though). Dozens of major businesses crop up in the region. Oddly enough, these changes have highlighted deficiencies nobody would think of before. Eastern Russia’s development has not yet become a common cause for the whole nation, although the...

29.03.2018. The West’s Unilateral Cold War
The problem between Russia and the West is really a problem among Westerners themselves. If there is a new cold war, it is only because established elites have not come to terms with reality: the balance of military, political, economic, and moral power has shifted too far away from the West to be reversed. Rising tensions between the United Kingdom and Russia are but further proof that Russia and the West, according...

15.03.2018. Preemptive Deterrence
  Relations between the two nuclear superpowers—Russia and the United States—are worse than ever since the 1950s and the Cuban Missile Crisis 
A World in Store
  For over a decade, most of the world’s international systems inherited from the past have been falling into decay. It will take several more decades to get the existing world order replaced with a new one. Russia has good chances to influence its formation. Another priority task is to prevent a new big war, which becomes highly probable. The pivot towards Asia must be continued and the Greater Eurasia comprehensive partnership concept should be filled with substance. No...

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