Сергей Караганов

Argumenty Nedeli

American Globalism Is a Disease. Meet the Doctor.

Why is even speaking of negotiations with Ukraine dangerous for us? Who should we talk with and on what terms? Who is better―Trump or Biden? Why is Europe worse than America? Will the United States remain a great power and how many such powers will there be when the unipolar system collapses? Why are we hated not only by the Western elites but also by a significant number of people in their countries? Is there a way to ward off civil strife in the world that is breaking free from Western oppression? What are the real goals of the special military operation (SMO)? Do we need Central and Western Ukraine? How can the use of nuclear weapons save the world from World War III? Sergei Karaganov, Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and Academic Supervisor at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs speaks with Argumenty Nedeli Editor-in-Chief Andrei Uglanov on this and many other topics.

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Report “Russia’s Policy Towards World MajorityReport” was introduced on TASS News Agency press conference on December 27, 2023
S.Karaganov for “Going Underground” on RT
Sergey Karaganov joined the BBC HARDtalk on February 3rd