Сергей Караганов

Al Mayadeen

Geopolitical Paradigm Shifts and Coping with Psychopaths: An Interview with Professor Sergei A. Karaganov

It is clear that the Anglo-Saxon industrial-military-media complex, with the help of its vassals, intends to preserve its global hegemony and its colonialist conquests at all costs. The Hegemon cannot accept the paradigm shift of an emerging Multipolar World. Any discussion of peace, diplomacy or negotiations regarding the wars it has started is out of the question. Western populations, whose minds are contaminated with neoliberalism and Russophobia, are currently terrified of an “imminent Russian invasion”… Mass delirium is preventing REASON from returning to the West. How can the rest of the world cope with this madness? And what can the rest of the world hope for?

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Report “Russia’s Policy Towards World MajorityReport” was introduced on TASS News Agency press conference on December 27, 2023
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