Сергей Караганов

RIA Novosti

How to Prevent a Third World War (excerpt)

RIA Novosti has published an excerpt from an article by Sergei Karaganov, Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. The full text of the article will appear in the journal Russia in Global Affairs.

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The future of Russia and the EU

For Russia, Europe is a centuries-long magnet, which has had a strong influence on its cultural identity to this day. For Europe, Russia has always been both a shield and a threat. Russia defended Europe from the Mongols, Turks and Nazis;

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Rapports Russie — Union europ? enne : quel avenir?

Pour la Russie, l’Europe est, depuis des siècles, un pôle d’attraction qui a déterminé et qui continue de déterminer son identité civilisée. Pour l’Europe, la Russie est, à la fois, un défenseur et une menace, défenseur contre les hordes tataro-mongoles

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Cracking Putin’s code

MOSCOW. (Politichesky Zhurnal — RIA Novosti) — Vladimir Putin met with participants in the Valdai Discussion Club on September 9, but it has taken until today for an adequate response to come out of the event.

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Report “Russia’s Policy Towards World MajorityReport” was introduced on TASS News Agency press conference on December 27, 2023
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Sergey Karaganov joined the BBC HARDtalk on February 3rd